For this month I challenged myself to step up my self-care. This was borne of a suggestion from a friend of mine, who was concerned that I wasn’t doing enough for myself. The challenge incorporated several areas, set out beforehand, and tracked daily.

What I Found

By setting forth the areas I was going to focus on, I found that the ones that required action throughout the day (hydration, food, self-care activities) were ones that I did more regularly than I had before.

By knowing I was going to have to catalog how I felt about things, I found myself paying more attention to them as the day went on. This allowed me to do reflection during the day, and self-correct if necessary. For instance, I had a bad morning at work, and was able to self-correct after doing some journaling during my lunch hour that put me on a much more solid (and positive) afternoon.

I really found this to be one of the most powerful challenges I have done. I’m looking for ways to expand it and track it in the future.