Facebook Outlines Coming Mental Health Support Tools

There’s no other way to put it – 2020 has been tough, and we still have three and bit months to go, which, ideally, will deliver some form of good news and/or relief. But nobody knows what’s coming, more so than ever, and that uncertainty has had significant impacts on the mental health of many people, as […]

#79: How to Add Urgency to Your Next Promotion

It’s a fact.  Sometimes people are reluctant to buy from you. Even when they want your product, even when they’re smitten with your brand, there will be some prospective buyers that seem to have a built-in pause command that holds a their finger poised above the “purchase” button on your website. It’s just par for […]

Google Announces Expanded Launch of its ‘Fundo’ Virtual Events Platform for Creators

With more events going virtual due to restrictions implemented to limit the spread of COVID-19, creators are looking for new options to facilitate online events, and generate income from their efforts. Facebook has been looking to fill this gap, with the introduction of monetizable live-streams on Instagram, and more recently, its new Facebook Events tools, […]

#80: Ask Amy

It’s time for another edition of Ask Amy! Every now and then, no matter how good your business system is, you reach a moment where everything kind of splinters. I’m having one of those moments this week, trying to reassemble my podcasting setup after moving it into a bigger home studio. While I’m glad to […]

TikTok Reveals More Insights into How its Algorithm Recommends Content

Back in March, TikTok announced its plans to launch a new Transparency Center in LA, where it would open its doors to regulators, journalists and politicians who wanted to see how its platform works, with insights into its algorithms, its content moderation processes, and more. The initiative, a means to counter negative press about its […]

#81: Eight Principles of Greatness with Lewis Howes

I first met Lewis Howes back in my days of working with Social Media Examiner. I liked his technique with video interviews, and wrangled up a lot of interviewees for him; he liked my Facebook trainings, and asked me to put together a book. That was not only the beginning of my career in online […]

Snapchat Publishes New Research on Brand and Content Preferences Among Gen Z Consumers

With Gen Z becoming a much bigger focus for marketers as younger audiences move into more lucrative spending brackets, platforms like Snapchat are well-placed to become key sources of insight into important trends and shifts that will ultimately define purchase behaviors. Indeed, Snapchat claims that it reaches some 90% of 13-24 year-olds across the US, more […]

#82: How to Protect Your Facebook Ads Account

Hey there! I have a fun topic to cover in today’s episode: The Online Entrepreneur’s Worst Nightmare. (Cue spooky music.) Sorry…I couldn’t resist. Blame the post-Halloween sugar overload. The actual topic is how to keep your Facebook account from getting shut down. Now, this is a topic that I know truly does scare some of you…maybe […]