How to Choose a Credit Card

Credit cards can be a great tool for improving your finances. Knowing how to choose a credit card will set you up for financial success for years to come. Table of Contents: 4 rules for choosing a credit card: With all the cards out there, how do we pick the right one? We recommend four […]

Budget by Looking Into the Future

So, you’ve been thinking of drawing up a brand new budget to reign in your spending.  But there’s a problem. You start a new budget with the best of intentions only to forget to follow through or you simply get annoyed with it. Maybe you’ll try again next month, right? The cycle goes on and on, and […]

Build Financial Health With Your Own Money Rules –

Traditional budgets are for the birds. The word alone (budget) often harbors fear, laziness, and confusion. No one should have anxiety about ordering an appetizer at a special dinner or investing in a gym membership. Of course you need a spending plan, but we’ve come to realize it’s never one-size-fits-all. The key to building financial […]

Guide to the Best Long-Term Care Insurance

 You may be surprised that a whopping  52% of people over the age of 65 will eventually need some form of long-term care (LTC). But many are not even aware that long-term care insurance is a thing.  Well, we are here to tell you: it is. LTC insurance helps to cover expenses that are not usually […]

How to Set Goals and Actually Achieve Them: The Ultimate Guide

Think about the last New Year’s resolution you set for yourself. It might have been to work out more, or maybe read a book a week, or maybe you just wanted to save more money. Whatever it was, ask yourself: Did you get it done? If you’re like the vast majority of Americans, you probably failed […]

How to Stop Worrying About Money

If you want to stop worrying about money, the first step is very simple. You need to get your finances in order. I’m talking about paying off your debt, saving for emergencies, and investing (even if it’s only $50 per month). If you have an automated system you can trust, most of your financial worries […]

How to Make Small Talk (and other advanced social skills)

Does any of this sound familiar? “I hate small talk, let’s just get to the point…” “We started small talk and then there was this long awkward pause…” “I had no idea how to start the conversation so I just sat there silently” Small talk. Ugh. But, I do have good news: Small talk is […]

How to Find Your Dream Job

Finding a job, especially your dream job, is hard. Even if you have a few ideas of what you’re interested in, how do you choose what to pursue? Do you have enough experience to even try at this point? Or, do you think it’s too late for a career change? Let me tell you, it’s […]