The Truth About Manifestation and How to Actually Do It

Unless you’ve been living under a rock and have not engaged in today’s popular culture, chances are, you’ve heard of manifestation. It’s all the rage in the personal development space. People who are driven to create lives of success and abundance are leaning into the idea of manifestation in order to create what they desire. […]

Learning & Talent Action Notes: Google’s Culture in Times of Disruption – 10/15/20

This week’s Learning and Development action call hosted special guest Andre Martin, VP, People Development at Google. Martin was interviewed by i4cp CEO and co-founder Kevin Oakes. Here are some highlights from the call: The value of user-generated content and peer-to-peer learning. A program at Google that has been particularly valuable this year has been […]

How to Create an App Activity Custom Audience for Facebook Ads Targeting

There are numerous ways that you can run Facebook ads to reach those who have engaged with your business or assets. App Activity Custom AudiencesAn app activity custom audience is an audience used for ad targeting of people who launched your app or took specific actions while using it. allow you to reach and re-engage […]

Two kinds of limbo | Seth’s Blog

Uncomfortable limbo happens when we’re seeking firm footing and there isn’t any. The discomfort comes from not knowing, from our unlimited desire to get through it to the other side. And comfortable limbo is a place to hide. We lull ourselves into complacency, because the limbo of being in between feels safe, with no responsibilities. […]

Facebook Audience Insights: Learn About Those Connected to Your Business

Targeting strategy is an important aspect of finding Facebook advertising success. Which group of people do you target? How do you find those who are most likely to act on your ads? One solution is Audience Insights. These are the powerful things that you can discover with Audience Insights. When you learn more about prospective […]