Berger Financial Group Leaves Cambridge Investment Research

One of the larger firms affiliated with Cambridge Investment Research has left that broker/dealer and jumped to full independence. Berger Financial, a Plymouth, Minn. firm with nearly $1 billion in AUM recently announced its untethered status. “We just felt given the size and scale that we had grown to that we were ready to take our team independent,” said […]

How to Recalibrate Your Relationship With Yourself

We are not given a blue-print for life. No rule book is alphabetically arranged that say for Fear turn to page 27 and for Anxiety page 57. There is only performance without rehearsals. We act, react and respond on the spot. Mostly, this is a factor of how we are feeling ‘in’ the moment which […]

Getting A Kindle Book List From Amazon

I was an early adopter of ebook technology, purchasing one of the first electronic readers out there: the Rocket Ebook. But it took Amazon, with the power of all those books, to make ebooks a real thing. I was also an early adopter of the Kindle. I bought a second generation DX in 2009 when […]

DOJ Charges Texas Billionaire Robert Brockman in $2B Tax Fraud

A Texas-based billionaire used offshore accounts and a private equity fund to avoid paying taxes on about $2 billion in income over a period of two decades, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. Robert T. Brockman, the chief executive officer of Reynolds & Reynolds, an Ohio-based software company, was charged with tax evasion, wire […]

Overcome the Inheritance Hurdle in Estate Planning

The issue of inheritance has a high probability of stalling your client’s estate planning, regardless of how far along they may be. Some families never get over this hurdle. It’s not just the amounts. It’s about how money impacts productivity, fulfillment and happiness. It’s about how money impacts relationships now and in the future. There’s no roadmap to […]

The 5 Best Mutual Funds for 2020

Mutual funds can be an option if you’re looking for actively managed funds that are low risk and fairly diversified. When compared to index funds, though, there’s a clear winner. With mutual funds, you have to pay a higher expense fee. That’s because the fund is actively managed by fund managers. But with index funds, […]

Schwab: Advisors Were Ready For Tech Advances in 2020

A majority of independent advisor firms are accelerating tech adoption in 2020 and many, more than some might think, were fairly well prepared when the coronavirus pandemic hit, according to a technology survey released by Charles Schwab. The financial services firm surveyed more than 1,300 independent advisors in August and found that the unpredictability of the coronavirus […]

Best Mortgage Refinance Companies in 2020

Refinancing your mortgage requires some upfront legwork and time spent gathering paperwork, but the effort can be worth it if you wind up with a better loan. Most consumers refinance to save money in some way, whether that’s by securing a lower monthly mortgage payment or saving some cash via a lower interest rate. However, […]