#113 Part One: The ART of a Brilliant Sales Page

The ultimate outcome of a sales page is to sell. We all know this. But, what you’re really doing is coaching your reader to become your client. How? The process for formulating a high-converting sales page is what I’m talking about today. Your job as a coach/ teacher/ mentor is to not only have your […]

Bank of Japan Policy to Push JPY Lower?

Japanese Yen, Abenomics, Bank of Japan, AUD/JPY, USD/JPY – Talking Points: Accommodative monetary policy setting likely to endure despite Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s shock resignation AUD/JPY rates eyeing multi-year highs after surging through Ascending Triangle resistance. USD/JPY rates at risk of sliding lower as price struggles to overcome the trend-defining 50-day moving average. Abenomics […]

Newcrest Mining: Reason For Caution Heading Into Fiscal 2021 (OTCMKTS:NCMGF)

As one of the most liquid ASX-listed gold names, Newcrest Mining (OTCPK:NCMGF) may screen as an ideal candidate for a defensive portfolio hedge, but I do have some concerns heading into fiscal 2021. While fiscal 2020 numbers largely lived up to expectations, the more challenging outlook for Lihir, for instance, could see the achievement of […]

Persistence That Just Ain’t So

Do private equity presentations overstate an ability to persist? “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble, it is what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” The famous Mark Twain line, correct? Actually, no. According to Respectfully Quoted, Twain saying this “just ain’t so.” As Forbes and others have reported, the phrase originated with Josh […]

#114 Part Two: The SCIENCE of a Brilliant Sales Page

When it comes to creating sales pages, does it ever make you feel like you are back in school muddling through your worst subject (for me, math!)? Today we are back in class, but lucky for me, I’ve got the teacher of the year (and also my dear friend) Melanie Duncan leading the way. Today, […]

XAU/USD shrugs off geopolitical tension to seesaw around $1,930

Gold prices keep the recent trading range between $1,924 and $1,933. Sino-America, India-China tension escalates, Brexit woes are also on the front foot. US Labor Day Holiday limits market moves, European equities gain amid hopes of ECB’s dovish action. No major data on the economic calendar but risk catalysts will be the key. Gold prices […]

Discretionary Investing in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

To a quantitative investor, discretionary investing is ridiculously subjective — rife with confirmation bias, availability bias, base-rate ignorance, and more. To the discretionary investor, on the other hand, quantitative investing is hopelessly naive. A company is more than its price to book and return on capital employed. The worlds of these two investors are like East […]