#130: How to Sell on a Webinar (Without Being Overly Salesy)

Let’s face it, selling during your webinar can be awkward at first — but it doesn’t have to be. Today I’m giving you my BEST strategies for eliminating the awkwardness and creating a smooth transition into the sales portion of your webinar. You’re the expert, the go-to source on YOUR webinar. And your webinars give […]

USD/CAD Price Analysis: 1.3105 guards immediate upside

USD/CAD keeps late Friday’s recovery moves from 1.3044 towards 1.3100. A confluence of 200-hour EMA, ascending trend line from September 01 questions immediate upside. Sellers have a bumpy road ahead of the monthly low near 1.2994. USD/CAD rises to 1.3075 during the pre-Tokyo open trading on Monday. In doing so, the loonie pair extends its […]

A Leading Internet Retailer In The Bargain Bin: EBay (NASDAQ:EBAY)

I have talked about eBay (EBAY) in a bullish manner since the stock broke out of its multi-year base pattern in early May. My initial article effort and argument for ownership is linked here. The company has undertaken a major business reorganization, with some financial engineering sprinkled into the mix since 2019. Specifically, a new […]

The Changing Nature of Recessions

We may not have seen the end of boom and bust — as former UK prime minister Gordon Brown once claimed — but the world’s leading economies do appear to have become more stable in recent decades. This observation doesn’t mean the next recession (which we define as two or more consecutive quarters of economic […]

#131: How to Get Overwhelm to Eat Your Dust

You’ve got this! Today, I have three incredibly DOABLE solutions to rid yourself of the feeling that may be overtaking your life – OVERWHELM. Ugh. I don’t even like saying the word, because I know how awful it can feel when it’s overtaking your life. And, I’m here to help. For me, overwhelm shows itself […]

Saudi King Salman speaks with US President Trump, discusses G20 work – SPA

Early Monday morning in Asia, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) came out with the news that the US and Saudi Arabian leaders talked to each other over the phone while discussing the latest work of the Group of 20 (G20) nations. Key quotes During the call, they discussed the work of the Group of Twenty […]

Closed-End Funds: Clough’s 3 Global Hybrid Funds

Written by Nick Ackerman, co-produced by Stanford Chemist Clough operates three closed-end funds; Clough Global Opportunities Fund (GLO), Clough Global Equity Fund (GLQ) and Clough Global Dividend and Income Fund (GLV). All three funds have a great focus on producing strong distributions. They also all trade at fairly large discounts and have historically. GLO and […]

“German Angst” Shapes Investment Decisions: Study

Germans are enthusiastic savers but reluctant shareholders. As a cohort, they demonstrate a counter-productive preference for fixed-income products. This inclination has barely changed even as income has fallen due to the European Central Bank (ECB)’s low interest rate policy. But we wanted to dig deeper into German investment behavior, so in conjunction with the polling […]