Don’t Overlook Accounting Comparability | CFA Institute Enterprising Investor

Accounting decisions involve significant judgment. After all, US GAAP gives firms the discretion to choose among alternative accounting methods when it comes to inventory valuation, depreciation calculation, derivative accounting, etc. It also gives managers flexibility in recognizing and measuring contingent liabilities and other transactions. While accounting chiefs may appreciate having more flexibility in their accounting […]

Living with Risk: The COVID-19 Iceberg

“The pandemic crisis now rests on a fulcrum. On one side is Covid-19 and every possible action that might prevent people from contracting and dying from infection. “On the other side is everything else that matters: livelihoods that allow people to feed and shelter their families; civil liberties; the education of children; social well-being, including […]

A Guide to Donor-Advised Funds: Five Factors

Donor-advised funds (DAFs) are a unique type of charitable giving vehicle that require a specialized approach to strategic asset allocation decisions. At a basic level, DAFs need to be open to unlimited donors, each of whom can have unique charitable intentions, time horizons, and risk tolerances. As a result, a sponsoring charity may need to […]

The 5 best IRAs to open in 2020

I got this question from a reader named Kelsey a while back: “I haven’t started a Roth IRA yet, but I intend to once I graduate from college. Where should I begin looking for the best one, and how can I tell that they are good?” Great question. Not only is it important to start […]

Is it good or bad? (+how to find the perfect job!)

What is Job hopping? Job hopping is a tactic many people use to find the job that’s a perfect fit for them. It’s defined as having a pattern of staying with a job for a certain amount of time and then leaving. But if you’re not careful this behavior can be frowned upon by hiring […]

The Best Online Jobs for Teens

For most teens, the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a wrench in their part-time employment plans. Fortunately, just because you’re still in school doesn’t mean you can’t work remotely, and online jobs for teens are now more common than ever. There are many different online jobs that would work for teenagers, but we looked specifically for […]

Time Management – Viewing Time As A Non-Renewable Resource

When time is viewed as a non-renewable resource it often becomes easier to understand the importance of managing it wisely. As with any resource, there is a direct relationship between the supply of, and the demand for, that resource. When there is an overabundance of time, it is more easily wasted. Likewise, when there is […]

Time Management Overview

Throughout the course of history mankind has sought to develop new ways to record, track and make better use of time. From the invention of the sundial to the introduction of the modern calendar, the need to responsibly understand and manage time has been a concern to individuals, both in their professional and personal lives, […]